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How often should you wash hair extensions?

Hair extensions should be washed at least once a week. When shampooing your extensions CoCo suggest only use sulfate-free products! Not only do they benefit your hair extensions by extending their life, they’re also beneficial to your natural hair. Most sulfate-free shampoos won’t remove the natural oils your natural hair , your hair need a little of oil to stay healthy. If you are shampooing your hair 3 times or more per week you are over-shampooing your hair.

You should only be washing your hair extensions ( link to ) once or twice a week. However, if your hair is curly or wavy and therefore have had curly or wavy hair extensions installed, washing your hair once a week is perfect. Over-shampooing your hair removes the nourishing oils that are key to keeping your natural hair healthy and shiny. As for your hair extensions, they don’t receive the oils your scalp produces, so over washing can really strip them of the moisture they have. If you have fine hair, you could rinse your hair with just warm water in between washes. If you have fine hair, washing your hair with too much conditioner isn’t a good idea because it tends to weigh fine hair down.

Because your scalp and strands can get oily, we recommend using a dry shampoo between washes to absorb excess oil. If you haven’t tried our CoCo La Rue Signature hair extensions shampoo ( link to )  you really should. It’s a big hit and our top seller at

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